A unique collection of video resources from leading theologians and biblical scholars for study, research, ministry and discipleship.

Welcome to St John's Timeline

St John's Timeline is a unique collection of around 150 films from leading theologians and biblical scholars.

Explore theological concepts from the 3rd century to today; insights into the books of the Old and New Testaments; and the exchange between philosophy and theology.

Latest videos

Image for Phenomenology: An Introduction

Phenomenology: An Introduction

Tim Hull explains Phenomenology in an imaginative way in this introductory video.

Image for James Cone

James Cone

Anthony Reddie discusses the life and theology of James Cone.

Image for Science and Humanity

Science and Humanity

Andrew Steane discusses ideas around Science, Theology and Humanity.

Introducing the philosophers

Image for Plato and Theology

Plato and Theology

Andrew Davison discusses the influence of the philosopher Plato on Christian thought or what Christian theologians have made of Plato's ideas.

Image for Jean-Paul Sartre

Jean-Paul Sartre

Kate Kirkpatrick discusses Jean-Paul Sartre.

Image for Gillian Rose

Gillian Rose

Anna Rowlands discusses the life and works of Gillian Rose.

Reading the gospels

Image for The Gospel of John. Part 1.

The Gospel of John. Part 1.

Paula Gooder introduces the Gospel of John.

Image for The Gospel of John and Imagery

The Gospel of John and Imagery

Richard Burridge discusses how Jesus is portrayed in the Gospel of John and how it compares to the other gospels.

Image for Who was Jesus?

Who was Jesus?

Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn and Elizabeth Fisher discuss the question 'Who was Jesus?'

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