Kierkegaard: Critique of Rational Theology

By Daniel Watts in July 2023

About this video

Runtime: 23 mins

Daniel Watts discusses Soren Kierkegaard's fictional philosopher Johannes Climacus and his critique of rational theology. Climacus aims to counteract the modern culture's forgetfulness of what it means to be human and the shallow institutionalization of Christianity. He challenges the claims of modern philosophers to attain an impersonal objective view of reality. Rational theology fails to deduce God's existence and risks distorting faith's essence. Instead, he emphasizes a leap of faith beyond rationality, where human thought encounters paradoxes of divine alterity and self-attributed untruth. Kierkegaard, to some extent, agrees with Climacus and suggests that reason can honour faith without comprehending its paradoxical perspective.

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Produced in July 2023. Provisional captions.



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