Martin Buber

By Daniel Weiss

Daniel Weiss talks about the Jewish philosopher Martin Buber and the influential nature of his philosophy.

The Life, Works and Influence of Joseph Butler

By Christopher Cunliffe

Christopher Cunliffe discusses the life, works and influence of Joseph Butler highlighting his focus on moral philosophy and theological application to everyday life.

Romanticism and Samuel Taylor Coleridge

By Douglas Hedley

Douglas Hedley discusses Romanticism as it emerges from Enlightenment and the life and theology of the philosopher Samuel Taylor Coleridge.

The Life of Charles Darwin and his Development of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

By Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer discusses the life of Charles Darwin and how he moved away from Christianity as he developed his theory of evolution by natural selection.

An Analysis of Richard Dawkins' Assumptions

By William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig discusses the assumptions that underlie Dawkins' arguments.

Gilles Deleuze

By Philip Goodchild

Philip Goodchild discusses the philosophy of Gilles Deleuze.

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