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Søren Kierkegaard

By Steven Shakespeare

Steven Shakespeare discusses Kierkegaard's life and his Christian philosophy.

Søren Kierkegaard was a prolific Danish writer whose works embrace philosophy, psychology, theology, literary theory and fiction. He is considered the father of existentialism. He sought to bring ever renewing passion into the Christian life, which brought him somewhat into conflict with the establishment.

The Philosophical Views of Hegel

By Andrew Shanks

Andrew Shanks discusses the thoughts of philosopher Georg Wilhelm Friedrick Hegel and the key influencers of his critical thinking at a time when there was prolific output of varying philosophical views in Germany.

Georg Wilhelm Hegel was a German philosopher, principally famous for the development of idealism through a dialectical view of progress from thesis to antithesis to synthesis. His famous work, Phenomenology of the Mind, considers how the human mind can move beyond consciousness, to self-consciousness, reason, spirit, religion and absolute knowledge.

The Life of Charles Darwin and his Development of the Theory of Evolution by Natural Selection

By Nick Spencer

Nick Spencer discusses the life of Charles Darwin and how he moved away from Christianity as he developed his theory of evolution by natural selection.

Charles Darwin was an English naturalist and biologist. He is best known for his contributions to the scientific theory of evolution, applying Malthus' notion of population preservation to evolution by natural selection, and descent by modification, to species. His most famous work, Origin of Species, was released by him after twenty years of anxiety. Aware of the impact it would have, he described the experience as 'like confessing a murder'.

Carl Schmitt and Political Theology

By Richard Sudworth

Richard Sudworth talks about Carl Schmitt and political theology.

Carl Schmitt was a conservative German philosopher and critic of liberalism, democracy and cosmopolitanism. He favoured constitutional authoritarianism, defined politics on the basis of the distinction between friends and enemies, and was an overt supporter of Nazism.

The Philosophical thoughts of Jean-François Lyotard

By Anthony Thiselton

Anthony Thiselton discusses the philosophical thoughts of Jean-François Lyotard highlighting his different approach.

Jean-Francois Lyotard was a French philosopher, sociologist and literary critic. His most famous work is The Postmodern Condition. In this and other writings he explored ways of thinking following the loss of faith in meta-narratives (sometimes grand narratives) such as 'reason', 'truth' and 'progress'. His examination of discourse is based upon Wittgensteinian ideas around language games.

The Post Secular

By Graham Ward

Graham Ward discusses the emergence of a post secular context and its relevance for faith.

Contemporary Theology

By Rowan Williams

Rowan Williams discusses contemporary theology.

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