Renaissance Humanism

By Jonathon Arnold in January 2018

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Runtime: 10 mins

Jonathon Arnold discusses the distinctive features of Renaissance humanism and their relevance for Christianity. Renaissance humanism, a cultural and intellectual movement, has had a profound influence on various aspects of society. It shaped education, literature, arts, religion, politics, and philosophy, even impacting the language we speak. Humanism, originating in the 14th and 15th centuries, emphasized the study of classical texts, languages, and liberal arts. It revolutionized European culture by reviving classical literature and values. While modern secular humanism is distinct, Renaissance humanism focused on reviving classical antiquity and improving individuals through the study of literature. It emerged in Italy and gradually spread to other European countries. Humanists emphasized eloquence, wisdom, and virtue to enhance individuals and society. Christian humanists also emphasized language study for biblical and theological understanding.

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Produced in January 2018. Provisional captions.



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