Historical Overviews

Philo Of Alexandria

By Hywel Clifford

Hywel Clifford discusses the importance of Philo for understanding the context of the New Testament.

The Reformation

By Judith Rossall

Judith Rossall discusses Martin Luther and Huldrych (Ulrich) Zwingli's part in the sixteenth century reformation.

An Understanding of Enlightenment

By Peter Harrison

Peter Harrison discusses the various understandings that historians have given to the Enlightenment by exploring the different focuses across France, England, Scotland and Germany.

The Distinctive Characteristics of Evangelicalism and its Growth

By David Hilborn

David Hilborn discusses the distinctive characteristics of Evangelicalism and its origins and growth.

Enlightenment—Its Origins and Implications

By Tim Hull

Tim Hull discusses the origins and implications of the Enlightenment.

Challenges in Christology

By Ian MacFarland

Ian MacFarland discusses the challenges in Christology.

Key Figures From Early Feminist Theology

By Rachel Muers

Rachel Muers discusses the key figures from early feminist theology.

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