Historical Theology

The Scientific Revolution of the Middle Ages and Galileo's Contribution

By James Hannam

James Hannam discusses the Scientific Revolution that happened during the Middle Ages and the contribution that Galileo made along with the Church's resistance.

Justin Martyr

By Andrew Hayes

Andrew Hayes discusses Justin Martyr.

The Reformation

By Judith Rossall

Judith Rossall discusses Martin Luther and Huldrych (Ulrich) Zwingli's part in the sixteenth century reformation.

John Wesley

By Calvin Samuel

Calvin Samuel discusses John Wesley.

Modern Theology

By David Ford

David Ford discusses the way that theology has developed significantly over the past 100 years.

The Distinctive Characteristics of Evangelicalism and its Growth

By David Hilborn

David Hilborn discusses the distinctive characteristics of Evangelicalism and its origins and growth.

Postmodern Philosophy and Faith

By Tim Hull, William Lane Craig

Tim Hull and William Lane Craig discuss the significance of postmodern philosophy for theology today.

Byzantine Theology. Part 1.

By Andrew Louth

Andrew Louth discusses Byzantine Theology.

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