Theology - Topics

Philosophical Theology

By Judith Wolfe

Judith Wolfe takes us through a tour of philosophical theology, what it is and how it has developed.

Emmanuel Falque

By Emmanuel Falque

Emmanuel Falque discusses Philosophy and Theology from different historical perspectives.

Philosophy and Theology. Part 2.

By Emmanuel Falque

Emmanuel Falque continues his discussion on Philosophy and Theology by looking through a patristic and medieval lens.

Post Liberal Theology

By Mike Higton

Mike Higton discusses post-liberal theology with reference to George Lindbeck.

The Theological and Philosophical Thought of Karl Rahner

By Karen Kilby

Karen Kilby discusses the philosophical and theological thoughts of Karl Rahner, a German Jesuit priest and theologian.

Science and Humanity

By Andrew Steane

Andrew Steane discusses ideas around Science, Theology and Humanity.

Introduction To Theology From Three Perspectives

By Mike Higton, Anderson Jeremiah, Sarah Brush

Mike Higton, Sarah Brush and Anderson Jeremiah discuss Theology from three different perspectives.

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