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Postmodern Philosophy and Faith

By Tim Hull, William Lane Craig

Tim Hull and William Lane Craig discuss the significance of postmodern philosophy for theology today.

The Kingdom of God, Understanding Jesus

By Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn, N T Wright, Richard Burridge

Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn, N T Wright and Richard Burridge discuss the importance of the Kingdom of God in Jesus' teaching.

The Parables of Jesus

By Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn

Tim Hull, Graham Stanton and James Dunn discuss the the parables of Jesus.

How did Jesus Become God?

By Larry Hurtado

Larry Hurtado discusses: How did Jesus become God?

The Theological and Philosophical Thoughts of Karl Rahner

By Karen Kilby

Karen Kilby discusses the philosophical and theological thoughts of Karl Rahner, a German Jesuit priest and theologian.

Karl Rahner was a German Jesuit priest and theologian. He was greatly influenced by Aquinas and Heidegger, particularly the view that knowledge of the world can only be received through the senses and that the mind draws on this through abstraction to create intellectual knowledge. To do this requires the ability to transcend particular instances and it is in this space that Rahner believes humans move towards God and that grace is present.

An Analysis of Richard Dawkins' Assumptions

By William Lane Craig

William Lane Craig discusses the assumptions that underlie Dawkins' arguments.

Byzantine Theology. Part 2.

By Andrew Louth

Andrew Louth continues his discussion of Byzantine theology.

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