Theology - Topics


By Richard Briggs

Richard Briggs discusses hermeneutics.

Technology and Theology

By Michael Burdett

Michael Burdett looks at two key figures, Jacques Ellul and Martin Heidegger and their influence on Theology and Technology.

Animal Theology

By David Clough

David Clough discusses the scriptures and traditions that have shaped a theology of animals.

God, Sexuality and the Self

By Sarah Coakley

Sarah Coakley discusses God, Sexuality and the Self in trinitarian terms.

Why believe?

By John Cottingham

John Cottingham discusses his introduction to the Christian faith in his book Why Believe?

Theology of Religions

By Gavin D'Costa

Gavin D'Costa discusses the theology of religions and the question of interfaith dialogue.

Who was Jesus?

By James Dunn, Graham Stanton, Tim Hull, Elizabeth Fisher

Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn and Elizabeth Fisher discuss the question 'Who was Jesus?'

Christian Apologetics

By Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards discusses the different approaches to apologetics, defending apologetics and suggesting ways in which apologetics can be done today.

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