Theology - Topics

Challenges in Christology

By Ian MacFarland

Ian MacFarland discusses the challenges in Christology.

The 'Old Quest' for the Historical Jesus

By Clive Marsh

Clive Marsh discusses the 'Old Quest' (1778-1914) for the Historical Jesus by exploring the works that were written on the subject during that time and the historical and theological interpretations that had been presented.

Key Figures From Early Feminist Theology

By Rachel Muers

Rachel Muers discusses the key figures from early feminist theology.

Nouvelle Theology, Henri de Lubac and Radical Othodoxy.

By Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver introduces radical orthodoxy and its origins in nouvelle theologie and Henri de Lubac.

Henri de Lubac was a French Jesuit priest and theologian. He challenged the separation that had developed between nature and grace and between reason and faith. He sought to renew and revitalise the eucharistic and social thinking of the church, which he viewed should be anticipating the Kingdom.

Radical Orthodoxy. Part 1.

By Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver discusses John Milbank and the Origins of the Secular.

Radical Orthodoxy. Part 2.

By Simon Oliver

Simon Oliver concludes his discussion on radical orthodoxy.

Apocalyptic Language and Metaphor

By Ian Paul

Ian Paul discusses apocalyptic language and metaphor.

Eschatology: Where will it all end?

By Ian Paul, John Stephenson, Tim Hull

Tim Hull, Ian Paul and John Stephenson discuss the eschatology of the New Testament.

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