Theology - Topics

The Mission of God

By David Firth

David Firth on the mission of God in biblical theology.

Modern Theology

By David Ford

David Ford discusses the way that theology has developed significantly over the past 100 years.

Do we need the New Testament?

By John Goldingay

John Goldingay discusses the question—'Do we need the New Testament?'

Exploration of the Faith verses Reason argument

By Tim Hull

Tim Hull explores the Faith verses Reason argument by discussing the argument from early philosophers to present day thinking by principally referring to Plato's image of someone emerging from a cave.

Miracles and Human Misconceptions

By Tim Hull

Tim Hull discusses the relevance of miracles and the human misconceptions that surround their existence.

Postmodern Philosophy and Faith

By Tim Hull, William Lane Craig

Tim Hull and William Lane Craig discuss the significance of postmodern philosophy for theology today.

How did Jesus Become God?

By Larry Hurtado

Larry Hurtado discusses: How did Jesus become God?

Byzantine Theology. Part 1.

By Andrew Louth

Andrew Louth discusses Byzantine Theology.

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