Theology - Topics

The Theological Thoughts of Martin Luther. Part 2.

By Alec Ryrie

Alec Ryrie discusses the theological thoughts of Martin Luther in respect of the 'Nature of Salvation' and his controversial interaction with the established Church.

Evangelicals and Animals

By Philip Sampson Focae

Philip Sampson Focae discusses evangelical attitudes towards animals.

Theological Philosophy

By Lydia Schumacher

Lydia Schumacher discusses theological philosophy.

Jacques Derrida. Part 3 Theology.

By Steven Shakespeare

Steven Shakespeare discusses how Jacques Derrida, a 20th century philosopher, has developed his theology.

Jacques Derrida was an Algerian-born French philosopher who founded 'deconstruction' as a way of critiquing traditional interpretations; for example of texts or institutions. He argued that linguistic explanation is created not given, and replaced the norms of language, ethics and aesthetics with a notion of meaning as expressed in context and relationship.

Carl Schmitt and Political Theology

By Richard Sudworth

Richard Sudworth talks about Carl Schmitt and political theology.

Carl Schmitt was a conservative German philosopher and critic of liberalism, democracy and cosmopolitanism. He favoured constitutional authoritarianism, defined politics on the basis of the distinction between friends and enemies, and was an overt supporter of Nazism.

Evil and Suffering Perspectives. Part 2.

By N T Wright, Richard Bauckham, Keith Ward

N T Wright, Richard Bauckham and Keith Ward discuss evil and suffering.

Message of Paul, Gospel and Empire

By N T Wright

N. T. Wright explores the ideology of empire and how the cult surrounding Caesar helps us in understanding the way the gospel would have been heard in the Roman world.

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