Theology - Topics

New Perspective on Paul

By N T Wright, James Dunn

N.T. Wright discussing the new perspective on Paul and its distinctive understanding of the 'works of the law.'

The Atonement Debate

By N T Wright

N T Wright discusses the current atonement debate.

Paul Ricoeur

By Anthony Thiselton

Anthony Thiselton discusses Paul Ricoeur.

Apophatic Theology

By Susannah Ticciati

Susannah Ticciati discusses Apophatic theology, its origins in Pseudodionysius and her development of an Apophatic theology for today.

The Dead Sea Scrolls

By Stephen Travis, Loren Stuckenbuck

Stephen Travis and Loren Stuckenbuck discuss the discovery of the Dead Sea Scrolls and the community that wrote them.

Evil and Suffering Perspectives. Part 1.

By Keith Ward, Richard Bauckham, Tim Hull

Tim Hull, Richard Bauckham and Keith Ward discuss evil and suffering.

The Post Secular

By Graham Ward

Graham Ward discusses the emergence of a post secular context and its relevance for faith.

Introducing Christian Ethics

By Sam Wells

Samuel Wells discusses the distinctive nature of Christian ethics, particularly virtue ethics.

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