Theology - Topics

Plato and Theology

By Andrew Davison

Andrew Davison discusses the influence of the philosopher Plato on Christian thought or what Christian theologians have made of Plato's ideas.

Theology of Religions

By Gavin D'Costa

Gavin D'Costa discusses the theology of religions and the question of interfaith dialogue.

Christian Apologetics

By Simon Edwards

Simon Edwards discusses the different approaches to apologetics, defending apologetics and suggesting ways in which apologetics can be done today.

The Mission of God

By David Firth

David Firth on the mission of God in biblical theology.

Who was Jesus?

By Elizabeth Fisher, Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn

Tim Hull, Graham Stanton, James Dunn and Elizabeth Fisher discuss the question 'Who was Jesus?'

Modern Theology

By David Ford

David Ford discusses the way that theology has developed significantly over the past 100 years.

Hans-Georg Gadamer

By Jessica Frazier

The hermeneutics of Gadamer and its significance for theology.

Hans-Georg Gadamer was a German philosopher famous for his approach to hermeneutics. In Truth and Method he rejected the idea that it was possible to somehow scientifically discover meaning in a text, but argued rather for a consideration of the fusion of understandings between a reader and their historical context in dialogue.

Do we need the New Testament?

By John Goldingay

John Goldingay discusses the question—'Do we need the New Testament?'

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